Car parking in Verona, Italy

Car Parking in Verona

Like most old towns in Europe the car is a problem. Circulation is restricted in the centre, parking difficult and expensive.
Here is some useful information about parking in Verona.

Free Parking: - There is a free car park near Porta Palio on Via Colonello Galliano. It is unattended and open air. Watch out for closure notices as occasionally it is used for events and once my car was towed away.
- Arena car park: 24hour covered, attended. €2/hour, €17/day
- Piazza Cittadella: a new underground car park 24 hr, attended €2.00/h, €16/day
- Piazza Arsenal 8:
outdoor, 24 hour €1.50/hour,
- Piazza Isolo: outdoor 24 hour €2/hr, €15/day
- Parcheggio Passalacqua: open, 24hr unattended
1 € for the first two hours
3 € up to 5 hours
5 € for the whole day
- Via Citta di Nimes: open, 24 hr unattended
1.50 € for the first two hours
5 € up to 5 hours
7 € for the whole day

Street parking bay colours
On the streets car parking bays are marked as follows:
Blue: pay. Look at the signs for the charges and time limit, typically €1 per hour and limited to 1 or 2 hours.
White: free parking for limited time (see signs) - show arrival time with a 'disco orario'
Yellow: disabled. Display your disabled badge.
Yellow and blue: disabled or pay bay.
Pink: pregnant drivers!
How to pay: VeronaPark scratch off cards. You can buy them from tobacconists, newsagents and some bars (look for the VeronaPark sign). You indicate your time of arrival by scratching off the relative sections.

In some areas there are now parking meter machines, pay and display the ticket.




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